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If you are recording music at home, you will need a computer to record the music on. While the most popular option for a computer to record music on is a Mac, there are viable PC options to record on as well. If your computer does not have good enough specs, you may want to invest in a good external hard drive for recording music.


Once you have a computer, you will need a way to get the audio onto it. An interface will help with this. There are many good options, but you mostly want to make sure that the one you choose is compatible with your computer. Be sure to check out our guide to basic information about choosing an interface for recording music.

Digital Audio Workstation

After the audio makes its way to your computer, you will need some software to record, save, and manipulate it. Getting a good digital audio workstation (or DAW for short) will make it easier to make your songs sound like you want them to. If you are not sure where to start, we wrote some basic tips for picking a Digital Audio Workstation.


While the speakers on a computer may be acceptable for the most basic level of music recording, you will really want to get better quality monitors that have the range that allow you to hear all of the intricacies of the music you are producing. Finding a great sounding set of speakers that fit your budget can be challenging, so we put together some recommendations of great quality studio monitors.


If you do not have the luxury of being able to play your music loud through your monitors, you may want to purchase a good set of headphones. High quality headphones will help you hear exactly what is going on in your music without making an unnecessary amount of noise. Also, headphones are a bit less expensive when compared to speakers. Take a look at this post about headphones for a home studio.


The quality of your music is only as good as the quality of your microphone. Getting a quality mic will set you apart from the amateurs, as well as make your music sound better. Want a little more information about Mics? We put together some information about what makes up a good home studio microphone. Also, take a look at our recommendations for mic stands and pop filters.

Other Gear

There are tons of other pieces of equipment that a home recording studio needs besides the things listed above. If you really want to have your recordings sound professional, you should take a look at cables, soundproofing, and other studio gear.